Music Monday - 11.6.17

Music Monday - 11.6.17

Some weeks are easier than others to pull together. This week was difficult because I felt like some of the songs deserve more of spotlight than one of five. With that said, be sure and give them a listen because it’s a good good Monday!


Better - SYML - Hurt for Me

This song has that really spacious underwater, in a cave feeling. Better is a super mellow song that I could just play in the background all day. The vocal sounds familiar but still fresh. The little touches throughout this song make it just a bit more special with each listen. 


You’re The Drug - Prides - A Mind Like The Tide, Pt. 1

This is a fun punchy rock pop type song, think Walk The Moon with a little more grit to the vocal.  I have been enjoying it as a break from my current streak of mellow somber songs I’ve been stuck on. It’s got a lot of energy so if you’re stuck on the chill vibes and need some pep, check it out.


I Don’t Sleep - Emma LaMontagne - I Don’t Sleep

Came across this last week, threw it in my playlist without much thought. Good, but nothing stuck out much. The more I listen though the more I’m hooked. It’s got these great heavy drums in the chorus with a simple catchy chorus. Her low almost smoky voice is great. As of right now this is Emma’s only song on Spotify. I’m looking forward to hearing more from her in the future.


Diane - Cam - Diane

A rare country gem in my Music Monday posts. It’s got a bit of a Dolly feel to it. Cam had that great serious ballad in Burning House awhile back and now puts out this really fun song. Diane, while having nothing to do with horses, sometimes feels likes you should be riding a horse through the desert or something. Just listen to it, you’ll know what I mean.


Could It Be Over - Eli Teplin - Could It Be Over

This is a strong contender for my favorite song of the year. The song takes its time and is simple when it needs to be. The song also has some moments that can fill a room. Eli delivers an amazing vocal that feels conversational at times paired with the floating, and later soaring chorus feeling more introspective. The change in vocal style with the lyric and tone is just so beautifully done.


Thanks for joining me. Until next time. 

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